The Toxoplasma gondii research community biennial meeting 2017

Hotel dos Templarios, Tomar, Portugal
May 31 - June 4 2017

This page will bring you all the planning up-dates for Toxo-14 as they happen, registration for the meeting, programme development, accommodation and other options to offer flexibility in registration, accompanying members and so on. Accommodation is already reserved: do not register with the hotel.

A pre-registration page for TOXO-14 is now open. Please use this as soon as possible: Pre-register here

Tomar is a small city on a river about 100 km north of Lisbon. The old medieval town is full of charm and interesting architecture, churches, houses, museums, and one of the only two surviving medieval synagogues in Portugal. It is also liberally equipped with small restaurants of many different tastes and types. But in addition to these fairly conventional charms, Tomar has something genuinely astonishing, an architectural assemblage of religious buildings and ancient fortifications of world-class quality and interest, a UNESCO Heritage Site, set on the hill behind the city. Tomar was for several centuries a major centre of the Order of Knights Templar, one of the Medieval Christian orders charged with the duty of returning the Holy Land to the Christian church. After a row with the church about their growing power, the Order in Portugal was renamed Order of Christ. The building complex, Convento do Cristo, above Tomar is extraordinary, resembling in complexity and scale almost the Vatican in Rome. There are good Wikipedia articles about it that are worth scanning: